There is great confusion today regarding the person of the Holy Spirit. Things done under the guise of the Spirit are oftentimes mere sensationalism and emotional manipulation. On the other hand, there is often such a reaction to these extremes that many believers end up ignoring the biblical teaching on the Spirit altogether.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones (MLJ) recognized and lamented both extremes in his day. MLJ was a proponent for biblical doctrine and was a major influence in the rise of interest in theological study, but he noticed a trend toward “dry intellectualism.” To combat this, he emphasized an experiential view of the Holy Spirit that he believed was taught in Scripture and was needed in the Christian life. He recognized that teaching on the Holy Spirit was often either neglected or exaggerated: “The doctrine of the Holy Spirit is neglected because people are so afraid of the spurious, the false and exaggerated that they avoid it altogether” (5).

To correct this, MLJ devotes volume II of “Great Doctrines of the Bible” to a balanced and biblical understanding of the Holy Spirit. We’ll examine each chapter separately, but today we’ll focus on chapter 1, “The Person of the Holy Spirit.”

Biblical Names for the Holy Spirit

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