Without this, you can forget any hope of Church unity

Photo Credit: Oh Kaye via Compfight cc

Once, I was part of an informal group of Christians who came across another informal group of Christians who were meeting in a different part of town. Upon finding one another, we began to cross-pollinate and attend one another’s gatherings. Eventually someone floated the idea that we should merge our respective groups and meet together as one, if only on occasion.

So we tried, and we failed. We had some good times, but in the end the merger just would not “take.” This despite the fact that there were people in both groups who had a passion for unity and for the Church to assemble around Christ alone. 

At the time, I thought it was because our group had more light (a better understanding of God’s will) which the other group would not embrace. And somehow I got the feeling they felt the same way about us.

Funny lot, we Christians.

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