Christ-Centered Sanctification

A Broadcast with Guy Waters

Christians are made right with God because Jesus lived perfectly in our place. In this message on Romans 6, Guy Waters considers how we are to live in light of this glorious truth.

The Holy Spirit and Sanctification – podcast

A Broadcast with Guy Waters

The Christian life of dying to sin and living to righteousness remains impossible without the ministry of the Holy Spirit. In this message on Romans 8, Guy Waters looks at the Holy Spirit’s indwelling presence and role as the Spirit of adoption.

Christ-Centered Sanctification – podcast

The Five Key Factors in Every Christian’s Sanctification

Growth in Christlikeness is a lifelong, active progression. We are holier on the day we die than we were on the day we came to Christ. We are holier on the day we die than we are on the day before we die. Yet this long progression is peppered with seasonal lulls, drudgery, and complacency. We know we are never as Christlike as we ought to be or even as we want to be. Yet while our lack of holiness ought to motivate greater effort in godliness, we often allow it to contribute to discouragement, laziness and apathy. Sanctification is a tricky business.

How does God go about this work of sanctification? David Powlison helpfully narrows it down to five means or five streams through which God pours out his sanctifying grace. These factors work in tandem, each one contributing to our lifelong gain in godliness.


Justified and being sanctified

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4 Ways God Conforms Us Into Christ’s Image

Sanctification — belonging, not behaving

We get the word sanctify by glueing two little Latin words together: sanctus(which means holy) and fiacre (which means to make). Therefore, to be sanctified is to be made holy and sanctification is the gradual ‘holy-fying’ that takes place in a believer’s life from the very first moments of regeneration. The Westminster Shorter Catechism calls it ‘the work of God’s free grace, whereby we are renewed in the whole man after the image of God, and are enabled more and more to die unto sin, and live unto righteousness’. You and I might call it ‘holistic upcycling’, as dark habits are broken, sinful patterns are corrected, and lives are remade to the image of Christ by the power of God’s Spirit.

However, sanctification is much bigger than simply becoming more like Jesus.

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