When Science Masquerades As Philosophy


The Missing Word in Our Modern Gospel

Every Christian loves the gospel. By definition, you cannot have a Christian who isn’t shaped by and saved by the gospel.

So three cheers for the gospel. Make that 3 million cheers.

But let’s preach the gospel the way Jesus and the apostles did. Theirs was not a message of unconditional affirmation. They showed no interest in helping people find the hidden and beautiful self deep inside. They did not herald the good news that God likes you just the way you are.

Too much “gospel” preaching sounds like a slightly spiritualized version of that old Christina Aguilera song:

You are beautiful no matter what they say.
Words can’t bring you down.
You are beautiful in every single way.
Yes, words can’t bring you down.
So don’t bring me down today.


I don’t doubt that many of us feel beat up and put down. We struggle with shame and self-loathing. We need to know we can be okay, even when we don’t feel okay. It is good news to hear, then, that God loves us in Christ and that we are precious in his sight.

But the gospel is more than positive self-talk, and the gospel Jesus and the apostles preached was more than a warm, “don’t let anybody tell you you’re not special” bear hug.

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What the Bible Actually Says About the Antichrist

The “Antichrist” is a subject that has been thrown around a lot in the past few decades, especially in America. When it’s mentioned, it is usually in the context of a political figure or organization. It seems as though it has become commonplace to simply attach the word Antichrist to someone we don’t like or an organization with whom we disagree. Obama was the Antichrist, and now Trump is the Antichrist. Putin is the Antichrist. The DNC is the Antichrist. The SBC is the Antichrist. You get the idea.

In 1 John 2:18-28, we have one of the extremely few times that “antichrist” is ever mentioned in the entire Bible. But, when John mentions it, notice that he doesn’t pinpoint one political figure or something like that. When he mentions it, John says that already “many antichrists have come” (2:18). When John brings up the concept of antichrists, he does so while talking about false teaching within the church community. What can we gain from this? Here are three things that I think are a lot more useful than stirring the proverbial apocalyptic pot with these sorts of verses.

1. Antichrist is a term that needs clarification.

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I’m not a musician, and I sing publicly only when a bunch of other people are singing with me – but I love to worship God through song. I grieve when those who gather for worship seem not to enjoy that time. From a non-singer who just enjoys worship, here are some ways to sing better this weekend:

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