Four truths that shape the way we view baptism

Prayer Doesn’t Empower Ministry; Prayer Is the Ministry

“God is not going to answer your prayers if you aren’t praying them.”

It was a day everyone in Israel would talk about for centuries to come. Solomon had built God’s temple, and during their very first worship service, God’s presence had come so near that the priests themselves couldn’t even set foot in God’s house.

What do you think you would have done? If you saw God face to face, in all his majesty, how would you respond? I find it pretty informative what Solomon did: He prayed.


The Gospel Prayer


This weekend, at the Summit, I’m dusting off an old resource and rolling it back out. It’s a little prayer I pray, almost every day, to fortify my mind in the gospel. I call it the gospel prayer.

This isn’t a magical prayer, and it’s certainly not something I claim to have invented. It came about a few years ago as I began to see how central the gospel is to all of Scripture and all of the Christian life. This was my way of applying the gospel to my daily life. As we often say around the Summit, the gospel isn’t just the diving board; it’s the pool itself.

There are four components to the prayer, and all four flow out of our identity in Christ. Because I am in Christ…

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Leviticus: It’s all about Jesus

J.D. Greear:

If you ask Christians for their favorite book of the Bible, hardly anyone is going to answer, “Leviticus.” (I do know one guy at our church who loved Leviticus—he called it “The Book of Enchantment,” though we could never figure out why—but he was probably the only one.) The book of Leviticus can seem downright strange to us. It’s got a lot of odd rules that don’t always make sense. It’s often tough to get through: more Bible Reading Plans have shipwrecked on the shoals of Leviticus than perhaps any other book of the Bible.

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