10 Powerful Quotes from ‘The Holiness of God’

Few teachers have been more influential on my life than Dr. R.C. Sproul, and few books have affected me more than what is perhaps is most well-known work, The Holiness of God.

I’ve assembled a list of ten quotes that, in particular, seemed to jump out at me as I read. I hope that they encourage you to pick up a copy of The Holiness of Godfor yourself.

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The Word of God


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On the Real Battles We Face

I think this sums up the real difference we make as believers:

The real battles are these: Will I speak graciously to my children today? Will I have a grateful and cheerful heart about my neighbors, my fellow employees, those with whom I worship? Will I go to war against gossip, not by pointing out the gossip of others but by tending my own garden? Whether some evangelical superstar embraces some mystical prayer form is less important to the kingdom’s future than whether I will pray faithfully for that little girl with the brain tumor.

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