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Does It Matter Whether God Exists?

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After talking to hundreds of college students for several years about spiritual beliefs, one thing that comes up from time to time, is whether the existence of God is even relevant. In other words, the discussion kind of goes like this: “I don’t see what difference God would make in my life!

The comment “I don’t see what difference God would make in my life!” displays a very pragmatic view of truth. I have discussed the problem with this elsewhere. But when a student says God’s existence isn’t really relevant, my first response is to try to get them back to the issue of truth. After all, if there is a God and He does exist and it turns out Jesus is His Son, that is an objective reality. It has zero to do with how I feel about it. And the truthfulness of it isn’t determined whether the person stays busy and says “I don’t care if God exists.” Another issue that comes up are the following worldview questions:


False Assumptions Of Discipleship

We are in a Discipleship Crisis. I couldn’t help but think that somewhere along the way we had missed the mark.

The crisis is that it seems like we have a whole tower of Babel effect of what discipleship is all about. It seems as though we say the word, “discipleship” yet speaking of apples and oranges as if we were speaking different language to one another.

Why? Because our assumption is wrong, which leads to a shaky foundation that ultimately makes the entire structure falter.

Here are two false assumptions we have for discipleship.

Read more: https://jonathanhayashi.com/2017/10/30/false-assumptions-of-discipleship/

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