Only a worshipping community will ever become a connecting community

by Larry Crabb

. . . I would affirm, strongly, that only a worshipping community will ever become a connecting community. We must meet God before we share Him with others. A group of people who first connect with God and then pour into each other the passions that gush out of the encounter becomes a spiritual community.

~ Becoming a True Spiritual Community, p. 164


The tasks of a spiritual community

by Larry Crabb

. . . we can define the tasks of a spiritual community.

  • To provide a safe place where all that is true—both the ugly and the beautiful—can be faced.
  • To envision what the Spirit can do, to feel the pains of a childbirth as we wait for Christ to be formed in each other.
  • To discern flesh Dynamics so that we can hate and abandon them to discern Spirit Dynamics so we can nourish and help release them.
  • To pour what is alive in each of us into the other in order to restore hope that the vision can be realized. to touch each other with the power of the risen Christ that now lives in us.

~ Becoming a True Spiritual Community, p.118

Spiritual community is rare

by Larry Crabb

Spiritual people love. They have the wisdom to understand whatever is getting in the way of the Spirit’s working, and their motivation is not self-serving. They live to advance the kingdom of God’s glory. But spiritual community is rare.

~ Becoming a True Spiritual Community, p. 49

Healing community

by Larry Crabb

Healing community does not depend on getting people to do what’s right or on figuring out what harmful psychological forces are causing us problems and then trying to fix what’s wrong.

A community that heals is a community that believes the gospel provides forgiveness of all sin, a guaranteed future of perfect community forever, and the freedom now to indulge the deepest desires of our hearts, because the law of God is written within us–we have an appetite for holiness.  Communities heal when they focus on releasing what’s good.

Connecting, P 38

Church was designed by God to be the dance studio

by Larry Crabb

…church was designed by God to be the dance studio.  A gathering becomes a church when a group of Christians together hear the music of heaven’s party and the laughter of God enjoying Himself and begin awkwardly dancing with the Trinity into the relationships and circumstances of life in order to bring heaven’s way of doing things to earth.

~ Real Church, Page 15

Community Begins With Character, But Where Does Character Begin

Listen to Larry Crabb preach on community and its vital relationship to us.

The community of God has no higher calling

by Larry Crabb

The community of God has no higher calling than to seize the opportunity to experience God. Our fiercest battles are fought when we seek with all our heart to trust God so fully that we see every misfortune as something he permits and wants to use, to know him so richly that we turn to no one and nothing else to experience what our souls long to enjoy, to love him so completely and with such consuming passion that we hate anything that comes between us and eagerly give it up.

~ Connecting, P 150