Do You Have a Heart of Gratitude?

The Opportunity of Gratitude

Magnify The Joy: Hope and Gratitude In the Midst of Illness

Gratitude For Blessings Weakens the Curses Of Depressing News

Training people to view their own life positively is increasingly important, especially because many people form all kinds of negative attitudes about life based on the news media’s constant emphasis on all the world’s evils and tragedies.

It is obvious that we all will suffer the loss of people we love to the inevitability of death. This is painful and sorrowful. Everyone also fears having a serious illness and their own eventual death. Today, fears, depressionanxiety, and frustration, create misery for an increasing number of people.

One way of influencing people to think positively about their lives is to teach them the importance of saying blessings for the many things they experience in their ordinary daily and weekly life, and at occasional extraordinary times.

Frequently saying daily blessings helps make people grateful for all the good things we take for granted. Gratitude expressed to God and to other people, for their daily activities helps us create positive awarenesses and outcomes for ourselves.

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