3 Relationships That Keep First-Time Guests Attending Your Church


6 Big Reasons Why Islam Is False

Within the realm of religious debate and theological dialogue, Islam is slowly coming to be known as the religion backed by modern scientific and historical discovery. Even those who statistically do not adopt any form of religious belief attempt to support the qur’anic narrative as it being perfectly preserved and historically accurate.

But is the Quran really the word of God? Is Muhammad truly a messenger of the almighty?  As it turns out, these religion is full of too many holes to be taken seriously to be the one true religion.  Within this article we are going to be looking at just 6 of many reasons why Islam is false. These are:

  • The Quran affirms that the bible is the word of God.
  • Scientific inaccuracies.
  • Historical inaccuracies.
  • The Quran borrowed from Christian forgeries.
  • Muhammad allowed his scribes to make changes to the Quran.
  • Islamic sources show that Muhammad believed he was demon possessed.

1) The Quran affirms that the Bible is the word of God.

There is more at: http://reasonsforjesus.com/6-big-reasons-why-islam-is-false/

It is Perfectly Finished, part I

28 After this, knowing that now everything was completed, Jesus said—so that Scripture might be perfected—“I’m thirsty.” 29 A container was lying there full of wine vinegar; so, affixing a sponge soaked with the wine vinegar to some hyssop, they brought it to His mouth. 30 After Jesus received the wine vinegar He said, “It is finished.” Then He bowed His head and handed over His spirit (John 19:28-30).1

John records Jesus’ last word on the cross as tetelestai, “It is finished,”2 choosing to narrate Jesus’ handing over of His spirit rather than quoting His words as Luke prefers (23:46: “Father, into your hands I commit My spirit”), thus highlighting tetelestai Here. This article will discuss the significance of this one-word statement—including the implication of the perfect tense-form—and, along the way, comment on some other aspects of these three verses.

Jesus’ Last Testament

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The Unpardonable Sin – Sproul


Love Is Not a Verb


4 Ways the Promise of Heaven Transforms Your Life Today

4 Ways the Promise of Heaven Transforms Your Life Today

If you were to truly grasp the beauty and hope of John’s vision of heaven described in Revelation 21 and 22, what would change about the way you live your life?

Here are four ways the promise of heaven should transform our lives today.

1. We should put up our bucket lists.

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Theological Primer: The 144,000


Why A “Paper” Bible is Better Than A Bible App At Church Meetings



funnyI can’t comprehend why we’re not all friends at church, but some people are more concerned about clambering up — what in their mind — the dogpile. They think they have to step on others.

Not me. I just want to enjoy friendship. And I wish everybody were a friend.

This side of eternity, friendship is the greatest thing. It is one of the loves (marital and family is another). Friendship occurs when you appreciate each other and share meaningful moments (they can be goofiness or enjoying watching a sport together or working together in a common cause).

The king of the dogpile is the ultimate loser for me. He thinks he’s got everybody’s respect. Maybe what he has is everybody’s fear. I’m afraid of him. Perfect love casts out all fear. I’m far from perfect yet.

from Mustard Seed https://mustardseedbudget.wordpress.com/2017/04/26/friends/

Common Problems in Atheist/Theist Discussions