Ravi Zacharias Answers: Why Doesn’t God Stop Evil?

Ravi reminds his audience that the supreme ethic that God has given to mankind is to love and to honor the dignity of other people.
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Aslan Is Not a Tame Lion: The Serious Mistake of Casual Worship

As a professional Christian, I don’t get many Sundays off. In fact, I tend to take fewer off than I am allowed, since I enjoy my work immensely and am not traveling much these days. But a couple weeks ago I was in Boston on a Sunday morning, and following the recommendation of a few friends, found my way to The Church of the Advent, an Episcopal parish serving Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood since 1844.

Google maps directed me from the T, but once I was within about eight blocks I put my phone away and followed the smell of incense wafting through the brisk New England autumn air.

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Love Is Not God: A.W. Tozer on How Equating Love With God Is a Major Mistake


Christian, Your Depression Is Real. So Is God’s Deliverance


What does it mean that “God is the head of Christ”?


Why the Doctrine of Glory Matters

I will never forget that evening. I can’t think of a moment when I was more blown away by a musical composition.

I don’t recall the composer or the conductor, but I was at a performance played by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. My ticket put me in the first row and it was worth it. The music was powerful, foreboding, amazing, haunting, compelling and glorious, all at the same time.

There were moments when I wished this night would never end, and moments when I wanted to get up and run out of the concert hall. There were moments when the music caused my chest to rattle and moments when it lured me in with a whisper. There were moments when musical joy collided with musical fear in a beautiful disharmony of sound.

When the performance was over, I felt both sad and exhausted. I wanted more, and yet at the same time I felt like I had had enough. I didn’t know why this particular performance had affected me so deeply until I looked at the program and saw the name of the composition. It read: God, the most formidable word ever spoken.

Trying To Capture Glory

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Monism and Pluralism

A Broadcast with R.C. Sproul

The early philosophers did their best to figure out the big questions of life: How did we get here? What is the source of all things? From his series The Consequences of Ideas, R.C. Sproul examines some of their answers.