God the Father



Love Sought, Love Given

How do you know that God exists? How do you know that God loves you? How do you know God is present versus absent? These questions, upon the hearts of so many, have answers as real as the formative moments in your life.

As I have aged I seem to grow more and more prone to nostalgia. Many of us do this instinctively, clinging to memories past, perhaps looking backwards with the hope of seeing a purpose for our lives. When I travel to India, I make it a point to revisit time and again those significant marking points of my own life. As I recall these moments past but not forgotten, I hear the gentle voice of the God very much in the present. And God says: I was there. When on you were on your bike contemplating suicide, I was there. When you were but nine years old and your grandmother died, I arranged for her gravestone to hold in time the very verse that would lead you to conversion. I was there.

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What Do You Do With the Will of God?


The Love of God – podcast

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Nathan Busenitz: A Mighty Fortess is our God An exposition of Psalm 46.

An exposition of Psalm 46.


Whatever Happened to God the Father?

Raffaello,_God_the_Father_and_the_Virgin_MaryRecently an Anglican theologian asked me, “Have you noticed how few theological books have been published in the last decades on God the Father?  Can you name even one?”

He was right.  The Father has been lost from view—of both theology and the Church. In the evangelical world since World War II, Jesus has been the focus of most thinking and worship. There were good reasons for this.  Liberal theology in the 20th century had reduced the gospel to the fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man, and social ethics.  Salvation, liberals implied, was the reward for being a nice person.

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3 Reasons God Never Gives Up On Us