The Trinity Debate (2016-2017): A Selected Bibliography


Reckless Love – Live Worship

When You Say God Is Sovereign, What Do You Mean?

I AM: The Aseity of God

A Broadcast with R.C. Sproul

The Christian faith is constantly under attack in the secular world. From his series Moses and the Burning Bush, R.C. Sproul considers how far fallen human beings will go to try to banish God as their judge.

I AM: The Name of God

A Broadcast with R.C. Sproul

God gave Moses one of the most profound theology lessons recorded in the Bible—a lesson that is relevant for Christians today. From his series Moses and the Burning Bush, R.C. Sproul considers Moses’ encounter with the holy.

Hmmm – Comprehension of God

Can a worm comprehend a man?

Tawhid and the Trinity

This is the first in a series of articles contrasting Allah and Yahweh.

Muslims and Christians agree there is one God but disagree as to His name, nature, and attributes.

The god of Islam is Allah, meaning “the god” in Arabic. In the days of Islam’s founder, Muhammad, this meant that of all the tribal gods worshiped on the Arabian Peninsula, Allah was the only true deity.

Key to the Islamic concept of God is the doctrine of tawhid, or absolute oneness. It’s more than strict monotheism. Tawhid celebrates Allah as singular, indivisible, and monolithic.

Muslims insist that Allah has no “partners.” To ascribe partners to Allah — for example, to say that Jesus is the Son of God, or that God exists as a Trinity — is to commit the unpardonable sin of shirk, which damns a soul to hell.



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