Jehovah’s Witnesses Try To Convert Francis Chan, Until He Gives An Answer That Makes Them Run Away – Hilarious!

Francis Chan, a Chinese pastor in San Francisco, shared his story about Jehovah’s witnesses trying to have a way in him and he welcomed them warmly. They started sharing some things but Francis Chan interrupted them and told some couple of things that God did in his life. And they couldn’t believe him! What he said is spot-on, and at the same time hilarious! You should WATCH THIS!

Are Seventh-day Adventists Christians?

Spiritual community is rare

by Larry Crabb

Spiritual people love. They have the wisdom to understand whatever is getting in the way of the Spirit’s working, and their motivation is not self-serving. They live to advance the kingdom of God’s glory. But spiritual community is rare.

~ Becoming a True Spiritual Community, p. 49

We are called to live in community

by Glenn Wagner

In the church we are called to live in community, where our actions (or inaction) impact the lives of everyone else. God calls us to lay down our individual preferences, no simply for the desires of the majority, but for the will of God. He calls us to respect and submit to the spiritual authority of the leaders he as placed in the church, as well as to submit to one another in the Lord. He calls us to . . .

  • forgive one another
  • love one another
  • serve one another
  • support one another
  • encourage one another
  • pray for one another
  • be of the same mind with one another
  • accept one another
  • bear with one another
  • greet one another
  • admonish one another

None of this can be done by our power or wisdom, and it certainly cannot be accomplished by employing worldly strategies. It is only as God energies every aspect of the life of the church that we see the wisdom of God revealed. When we allow him to be in charge, we discover what he had in mind.

Through the church—and only through the the church—God reveals his manifold wisdom and unsearchable riches of Christ. Therefore we must commit ourselves to be the church, to act as those who have entered into a new covenant of grace and thereby into a new relationship with one another. As we do, then God will reveal his plan through the church to us, to others, and even to angelic beings.

The Church You’ve Always Wanted, p. 43

When spiritual awakenings have occurred

by Ray Stedman

It is most significant that whenever spiritual awakenings have occurred throughout the Christian centuries they have always been accompanied by a restoration of koinonia, of confession of faults, and the hearing of one another’s burdens.

~ Body Life, p.111

We worship as the body gathered

A challenging worship article by  Greg Brewton

A while back I had the opportunity to join with a large group of high school students for a worship service.  The worship songs were great, the preaching was Cross-centered, but the students worshiped in the dark during the musical portion of the service.  The room was mostly dark except for the stage area where the worship band played.  It was so dark that I really could not see the person standing right next to me. During the musical portion of the service some students seemed to be participating but others were standing and watching the worship band as if it were a concert.

A number of worship leaders seem to value a dark worship area, but I really think this type of setting is detrimental to corporate worship. First of all, as I recall there is a lot of talk in the Bible about God being light and in Him there is no darkness.  Jesus is the True Light according to John 1 who enlightens every man.  We are also instructed to walk in the light as Jesus is in the light.  If this is so, why do we want to worship in darkness?  Perhaps the early church worshiped in darkness or low-lighting to escape persecution, but today for most Christians in America this is not the case.

We describe a group of believers gathered for worship as “corporate worship,” something we do together.  We join as the body of Christ and worship the One True and Living God.  When the Epistles talk about the Body of Christ gathered, one of the main points often emphasized is that these gatherings must be edifying to the believers.  We are to encourage one another as we worship.  We are to build up one another as we worship.  Corporate worship is a group effort.

Much of corporate worship today seems to be more focused on the individual’s ‘experience’ in worship. It is almost as if there is a large of group of believers in a service all worshiping God individually but not corporately.  This is evidenced when the worship space is dark and people can not see the person next to them.  This also happens when people worship with their eyes closed as if they were the only ones in the room.

I am not concerned about people who occasionally close their eyes during a worship song, but I am concerned when most of the service believers worship as individuals and not the corporate body of Christ.

Let there be ‘ambiance’ if that is what we are attempting to do with low-lighting in the worship service, but let the lighting not be so low that we can not see each another.  The gathered body of Christ should encourage, edify and join together in one voice and mind worshiping our great Lord because He is the Light of the World!

Gifts must be shared openly

by Robert Girard

There must be developed somewhere the kind of church fellowship in which a person with any legitimate spiritual gift can share its blessing openly.

~ Brethren, Hang Loose, p. 209