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My generation’s fathers by and large read the Book of Revelation through the lens of premillennial tribulation-and-rapture debates, who was the antichrist, and if 1948’s rebirth of Israel was not the herald of the last generation before the return of Christ.



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10 Things I Learned From 2 Corinthians

~ Leake

Here are 10 things:

  1. The most valuable commentaries to me in preaching through 2 Corinthians were Scott Hafemann’s work in the NIV Application Commentary and R. Kent Hughes’ work in the Preaching the Word Series.
  2. Understanding “his power & our weakness” is the key to understanding all of 2 Corinthians. This was the message the false teachers denied, the message the Corinthians failed to grasp, and the cornerstone of Paul’s ministry.

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