(Podcast) “5 Signs of a Healthy Church” (Acts 2:42-47)

Acts 2:42-47

  1. A healthy church holds the sign of APOSTOLIC THEOLOGY (2:42a, 43).
  2. A healthy church holds the sign of UNITED FELLOWSHIP (2:42b, 44-45).
  3. A healthy church holds the sign of JOYFUL WORSHIP (2:42c, 46).
  4. A healthy church holds the sign of DEVOTED PRAYER (2:42d, 46).
  5. A healthy church holds the sign of INTENTIONAL EVANGELISM (2:47).


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Church Isn’t Something You Do On Sundays (Lies Killing The Church)

I think the Christian church in America is in trouble.

While statistics always have variants, many show that some denominations are in dramatic decline while others, at best, are stagnant.

The reality is we may never know exactly why this is the case. If we don’t make any changes, however, I fear that in another generation or two Christianity in America could become a cultural relic of the past that holds very little significance in the present.

One of the problems I believe we are dealing with is that over the course of time, some lies have crept into our faith. Slowly, subtly, we grow to accept and believe them as if they are Gospel-truth. Give it enough time, and the entire group treats them as if they are Gospel-truth.

I believe these lies are part of what is killing the church.

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