Why the Trinity Is So Important in the First Place

I’ve been writing this week about the truth of the triune nature of God, so I thought it might be appropriate to list a few reasons why this doctrine (commonly called the Trinity) is so important. It is certainly true that according to the claims of Christianity, salvation actually requires the triune God of the Bible. As believers, our redemption is originated by the Father (see Galatians 4:4), achieved through His Son (see 1 Peter 3:18), and then applied by the Spirit (see Titus 3:5). Every member of the Trinity has a role to play. But there are a few other reasons why the Trinity is important to those of us who call ourselves Christians:

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10 Reasons You May Not Be Healed

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Healing for physical and emotional sickness is in God’s plan for our lives. Jesus is the Great Physician who healed people throughout his ministry and continues to do so today. He cares about your body and mind just as much as your soul. In the Kingdom of God healing is the default mode for health.

We don’t discourage a sick friend from going to the doctor yet we can be wary of encouraging him to pursue divine healing. The Bible is full of stories about people getting healed. The stories are very diverse in the way someone is healed, the process of the healing and who facilitates the healing but one factor is always the same — everyone gets healed of their sickness.

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10 Signs Of Spiritual Attack

Spiritual warfare is a reality (Eph. 6:10-20). Based on my years of studying this topic, here are some anecdotal signs of attack I’ve seen – particularly, if not primarily, on those Christian leaders who are taking steps of faith to get the gospel to a lost world:

  1. Unusual marital and family conflict. I’ve seen some of the healthiest homes face surprising strife when they take strong steps of obedience. Marriages are particularly a target.
  2. Recurring and uninvited temptations. For example, the man who has lived in purity for decades is shocked by past images that suddenly erupt in his head. Battles won long ago erupt again.

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