The American Church Has Got Talent But What It Really Needs Is…


There are a couple of heroes in the book of Acts that model for us what we need. This couple sat under the preaching of a dynamic speaker. But they realized he was missing something; namely, Jesus. (Or a full understanding of Christian baptism if you want to go that route). So they took him under their wing. They loved him and taught him and then sent him back out.

The dynamic speaker was Apollos. And that precious couple was Priscilla and Aquila.

The American church has got talent but what we really need are more Priscilla and Aquila’s. Think of all the Apollos’ who are leading ministries. Great speakers. Knowledgeable. Passionate. Fervent. Gaining a following. Writing books. Headlining conferences. Missing something vital.

I’m reading an excellent book, The Mentoring Church, by Phil Newton. In the first chapter he outlines the goal of the mentoring relationship: being, doing, believing, teaching. He also outlines the method for doing this: doctrine, praxis, and sending. Do you notice anything there? Doing is connected with praxis. Believing is connected with doctrine. And teaching is connected with sending. BUT there is nothing connected with being.

This isn’t an oversight on Newton’s part. He is correct. Being isn’t something you can teach in a seminary class or necessarily read in a book. It’s only crafted through…being. It’s forged in the context of a life lived out in the local church. You can’t fake it. You can’t test out of this one. It takes another person pouring the life of Christ into another person.

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Six Marks of a Church Culture that Deeply Changes Lives: Part 1

One of the greatest insights I’ve gained from working with thousands of churches around the world is that creating a healthy church culture is indispensable to multiplying deeply transformed disciples and leaders. To help you begin thinking about what this might look like in your own church, I’ve identified six characteristics or marks of what we call today, an emotionally healthy church culture:

  1. Slowed-Down Spirituality
  2. Integrity in Leadership
  3. Beneath-the-Surface Discipleship
  4. Healthy Community
  5. Passionate Marriage and Singleness
  6. Every Person in Full-Time Ministry

In this podcast, I explore the first and most important characteristic of this culture – a slowed down spirituality. This is a church culture where people refuse to allow a hurried world to set the pace for their lives. Instead they choose to live by rhythms that are slower and more deliberate. They set aside time each day to immerse themselves in Scripture, silence, and solitude, which are foundational practices for their communion with Jesus. Their doing for God flows out of being with God. They remain profoundly aware that, apart from abiding in Jesus, it is impossible to bear lasting fruit – as individuals and as a community.

Let me invite you to download our free e-book upon which this podcast is based, Six Marks of a Church Culture that Deeply Changes Lives. Each characteristic is summarized on those pages. After the description of each characteristic, you will also find a quick assessment tool and then questions for personal reflection and team discussion.

Enjoy the podcast!



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