Brian Chilton describes the Holy Spirit’s prayer for the believer’s life and provides three characteristics of this divine prayer.

Source: The God Who Prays for Us

By: Brian G. Chilton | November 1, 2021

Romans chapter 8 is perhaps one of the best chapters in the entire Bible. The chapter begins with an exposition of God’s salvific work for our lives, including God’s past, present, and future work. The chapter ends as it describes the eternal love that God has for his children (8:31–39). Romans 8:26–27 is a lesser-known passage of Scripture that finds itself sandwiched between the recognized famed theological treatises. In this passage, Paul describes the ministry of the Holy Spirit. But he notes that the Spirit of God “intercedes for us with inexpressible groanings” (8:26).[1] What does it mean that the Spirit intercedes for us? Paul notes that the Spirit of God actually prays for us on our behalf. This indicates three things about the Spirit’s prayerful petition for our lives.

The Spirit Uplifts Us in Prayer When We Don’t Know What to Pray

If we are honest, many of us struggle with our prayer lives. At least I know that I sometimes do. However, the powerful aspect of the Spirit’s ministry is that he prays for us even when we do not know what to pray for ourselves. If we find ourselves in a state of being where we know we need to ask God for something, but we don’t even know what to ask for, the Spirit has us covered. Millard Erickson notes that “Thus believers have the assurance that when they do not know how to pray, the Holy Spirit wisely intercedes for them that the Lord’s will be done.”[2] While believers often feel defeated due to their perceived inability to pray as they should, the Spirit steps in to assist the believe in ways that he or she does not even recognize.

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