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The Real Reason We Don’t Read Our Bibles


Through my work with the Christian Standard Bible, I came across some stats about Bible reading. Eighty-eight percent of American households own a Bible, but only 37 percent of people read it once a week or more. People said they don’t read their Bibles because they don’t have enough time, and they struggle to understand the words.

These two frustrations are understandable, and we’ve all struggled with them. But are they the real reasons people aren’t reading their Bibles?

Root Issue

When you think about it, we should get really excited about Bible reading. The God of the universe has given us his Word. He could’ve tapped out when we disobeyed him in the garden, but he didn’t. He went looking for us and talked to us (Gen. 3). Knowing our gracious God gave us his Word should make us want to read it, but often that’s not enough.

We don’t read the Bible regularly because we don’t understand how it works. We often think it’s all about us, and that opening Scripture is only useful when we think we need it. We don’t understand how amazing the Bible really is.

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Reading the Bible can be hard – but here are six fresh new ways to open it up.Pexels

Sometimes the Bible can be boring. Or at least, we make it boring. Perhaps reading Scripture turns into such a chore that we begin to resent it or just stop caring about it. But its grand narrative is far from dull, even if some of its genealogies can be something of a challenge.

The past decade has seen numerous creative attempts to retell the Bible’s story in a way that holds onto its heart in a way that’s fresh, innovative and engaging. Could now be the time to try one out? Here are six new ways to read the Bible.

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