Now if you are perplexed, if you are oppressed, if you don’t get it, if God looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, I’m telling you, you’re in too close. You’re looking just at the present and not at the end, like this guy does. Or you’re looking only at, ‘Isn’t God loving?’ Yes, but he’s holy. Or if you just look at, ‘Isn’t God holy?’ Yes, but he’s wise. It’s not until you stand back and begin to look at all the sides of things. ‘Aren’t human beings sinful?’ Yes, but also they’re made in the image of God. ‘Aren’t human beings valuable and dignified?’ Yes, but also they’re wretched, wicked sinners.

Don’t you see? Only Christianity looks at the whole thing. If you’re in a problem right now, if you’re in trouble right now, you have to do what Asaph did. You have to do what the psalmist did. You have to go into the sanctuary. ‘… then I understood …’ What did he do? He stands back. He sees the big picture.