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When I was growing up in Baptistland, we used to have this guy come and lead the music for our youth summer camp. His name was Chris Tomlin. This was well before he had hit it big, of course. That kind of music, even as a teenager, didn’t set well with me, and I would frequently slip out the back door for extended bathroom breaks. I thought it was a legit excuse, considering the quality of the food this place served.

Anyway, after several days of playing the same songs over and over, Chris put down his guitar and went over to a piano that had been sitting unused at the side of the platform. He told us, “Now, please take out your hymnals as we sing hymn 223.” Of course, mass confusion ensued from our youth, who had grown up in church without ever opening one of those green dust-collectors hanging on the backs of the stadium-style seats, but I had been to just enough services at the little county church my grandparents attended to know the drill.

So I grabbed my hymnal, and began to sing the words of gospel hymnwriter, Charles Gabriel.

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