10 Ways To Spend More Time With God

I don’t know many church leaders who think they spend sufficient time with God. Our lives are busy, and it’s tough to add more responsibilities to our plate. Here, though, are some ways to spend more time with God, beginning today.

  1. Pray daily, “Lord, turn my heart to long for You.” If you genuinely want that change in your life, God will transform you. You will look forward each day to being with Him.

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The Staggering Consequences of Neglecting Your Bible

Often when we read the first psalm, we are struck by the qualities of a life characterized by delight in God’s Word. The life marinated in the Scriptures leads to a life that is faithful to God. The faithful give themselves away in fruit-bearing service to God and others.

But there is another arresting element to the psalm. Consider the one whose life is not governed by the Word of God and the God of the Word. Reading the text and seeing the contrast provides ample reason to give ourselves to extended time in the Scriptures.

To see the full force of the plight of those who ignore the Scriptures, consider it from the perspective of the opposite of the description of the righteous.

They do walk in the counsel of the wicked (1)

They do stand in the way of sinners (1)

They do sit in the seat of scoffers (1)

They do not delight in the law of the LORD (2)

They do not meditate on the law day and night (2)

They are not planted by streams of water (3)

They do not yield fruit (3)

Their leaf withers (3)

They do not prosper (3)

They are like chaff that the wind drives away (4)

They will not stand in the judgment (5)

They will perish (6)

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4 Ways God’s Remaking Us



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Redeem Your Time

~ Challies

Is there anything more tragic than time? Is there anything that brings about deeper grief than seeing time pass us by, than acknowledging how much has already elapsed and how little remains? We who were made to live forever are now given a mere “threescore years and ten” (Psalm 90:10) before we are gone. “If a person lives many years, let him rejoice in them all,” says wise old Solomon, “but let him remember that the days of darkness will be many. All that comes is vanity” (Ecclesiastes 11:8).

Christian men, you have been given a race to run, and you have been called to run to win. At times this race will seem like a marathon and at times a sprint. During times of sorrow or adversity, the days may seem to drag, each one bearing the weight of a lifetime, grueling days giving way to long, sleepless nights. But during times of joy the days will fly by, and you will marvel at how quickly time has passed. An Olympic sprinter spends years in training to prepare for an event that is over in 10 seconds. At times it will seem like your life has gone by just as quickly, that the child you were only just cradling in your arms is now holding your arm as you escort her down the aisle. Whether life plods by or speeds by, you are responsible for each moment. If you are going to run to win, you must redeem your time.

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How to Remember the Bible Verses You Memorize


7 Reasons to Memorize the Bible

Did you know the National Bible Bee took place this past week? I didn’t either. I must have missed that news report from the mainstream media.

The Bible Bee, started in 2009, is open to young people ages 7-18. In last week’s final round the participating contestants memorized 840 verses in just 90 days. The National Bible Bee Game Show, hosted by Kirk Cameron, assembles 72 young people in a contest showcasing Bible verse memory and applied Bible study.

“There is something special that happens when young people commit the Bible to memory,” said Steve Green, Chairman of Museum of the Bible who is also a sponsor of the show. “These kids are having fun and we are excited to be a part of its ground-breaking run on Facebook Live.”

I’m glad to hear about some positive news about young people memorizing the Bible. When I was a kid we were assigned memory verses. I remember the first verse I learned was John 3:16. When I wrote The Family Bible Study Series, I included a memory verse in each lesson.

I wonder if parents, teachers, and churches are emphasizing memorizing the Bible as in days past?

Here are 7 reasons to consider for memorizing scripture.

(1) It’s another way to be like Jesus. The Gospel accounts record Jesus quoted the Old Testament scripture 180 times from 24 different books. Jesus respected the Scriptures as authoritative. And He often quoted it. His example is well worth emulating.

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