Why We Need to Stop Telling People to ‘ask Jesus into your heart’


How To Share The Gospel With Two Questions

Here are the two questions I use to share the good news:

First I ask, “Do you think heaven is a perfect place?” Most people say, “Sure.”

Second, I then ask, “Are you a perfect person?” People then realize there’s a problem. I let them know that I’m far from perfect. So we all have a problem. If heaven is a real place, then God can’t let humanity into heaven the way we are now. If he did, heaven would have the same problems we have on earth. Wars, torture, rape, injustice, and all kinds of cruelty. In short, it wouldn’t be heaven anymore.

Read more and listen to the short video: https://grantbresett.wordpress.com/2017/04/16/how-to-share-the-gospel-with-two-questions/

The Frustrating Fallacy of Friendship Evangelism

In this piece, J. Warner Wallace writes about the concept of friendship evangelism. In it, he concludes that strict friendship evangelism is “a natural, fallen, human response to the fear of discomfort and worldly judgment.”

To see how he arrives at this conclusion, read the piece in its entirety here.

The highest form of unselfishness

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If God Has Done Such Great Miracles, Why Don’t More People Believe?


God is willing


Why Most Christians Aren’t Involved in the Great Commission – video