Why are Translations Different, and Can I Trust Them?


The Why and the How of Scripture Meditation

The main reason we struggle to remember what we read in Scripture is not a faulty memory, but a faulty Bible-intake method, says professor Donald Whitney.

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What Are The Four Different Ways The Book Of Revelation Is Interpreted? Part 2


Neglecting the Old Testament


A Brief Introduction To Matthew

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God Didn’t Write a Book

The Bible is a book—God’s book. Even a child knows this, right? Except that the Bible isn’t a book. Not really.

The Bible was at first oral transmission passed from person to person, events and conversations observed, remembered, and shared. But it was still the Bible.

Then the Bible was a collection of scrolls, each containing a single letter or history or group of psalms. But it was still the Bible.

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5 Benefits to Reading Entire Books of the Bible in One Sitting