Is the Bible Just Another Book?


Is the Bible Just Another Book?

A Broadcast with Steven Lawson

Why do Christians believe that Scripture is the Word of God? Today, Steven Lawson sets forth several stirring reasons why it is impossible for the Bible to be “just another book.”

The Bible

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
Hebrews 4:12 
Numerous anecdotal examples have been recorded of pairs of individuals—twins, spouses, best friends—being able to “finish one another’s sentences.” That is, they know each other so well that one person knows what the other is going to say or is thinking.
Even more remarkable is the existence of a Book that is able to discern “the thoughts and intents of the heart.” That book being the Bible, of course. How is the Bible able to speak to the deepest parts of our being? Because it is a living Book. Not the pages or ink, but the words and messages of the Bible as the Holy Spirit applies them to our heart. That’s why it is so important to prayerfully read the Bible, asking the Spirit of God to show us how to conform our life to God’s righteous and holy character.

Reading the Bible is not like reading any other book in the world. It’s the only Book able to conform us to the image of its Author.

The Bible was the only book Jesus ever quoted.
Leon Morris

by Dr. Jeremiah

Paul’s Letter to the Romans

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The Gospel of Luke

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Satisfaction With God’s Word

2 Timothy 4:1-4 These words are from my heart to you. I say this before God and Jesus Christ. Some day He will judge those who are living and those who are dead. It will be when Christ comes to bring His kingdom. Preach the Word of God. Preach it when it is easy and people want to listen and when it is hard and people do not want to listen. Preach it all the time. Use the Word of God to show people they are wrong. Use the Word of God to help them do right. You must be willing to wait for people to understand what you teach as you teach them.

The time will come when people will not listen to the truth. They will look for teachers who will tell them only what they want to hear. They will not listen to the truth. Instead, they will listen to stories made up by men.

Spiritually, we’ve all had dry seasons, so you probably understand the desire for renewed vitality in your relationship with Christ. Perhaps you tried the latest devotional book people rave about, sought an emotional experience through worship music, tried to gain momentum by attending a conference, or looked online for a message that assured growth.

Although these methods all seem promising, they’re not infallible. On their own, some might afford short-lived solutions, but others could actually be ear ticklers that lead away from genuine intimacy with Christ. To be strengthened spiritually, it’s essential to start with the Bible—the only source of absolute truth. While other Christian resources can be helpful, they become far more valuable when used as building blocks on the trustworthy foundation of God’s Word. All other avenues have potential for human slant. Even seeking the Lord in prayer is not foolproof without the Word, which provides the basis for our requests and fellowship with Him.

Some believers see the Bible as a big book that takes too much time and effort to understand, so they look elsewhere for answers. They want a shortcut to sanctification and intimacy with the Lord, but there really isn’t one. God’s Word is His love letter to you. As you spend time with this gift and lean on the Holy Spirit for guidance, your appreciation of it will grow.

A Word More Sure

2 Peter 1:16-21 16 We had nothing to do with man-made stories when we told you about the power of our Lord Jesus Christ and of His coming again. We have seen His great power with our own eyes. 17 When He received honor and glory from God the Father, a voice came to Him from the All-powerful God, saying, “This is My much-loved Son. I am very happy with Him.” 18 We heard this voice come from heaven when we were with Christ on the holy mountain.19 All this helps us know that what the early prophets said was true. You will do well to listen to what they have said. Their words are as lights that shine in a dark place. Listen until you understand what they have said. Then it will be like the morning light which takes away the darkness. And the Morning Star (Christ) will rise to shine in your hearts.

20 Understand this first: No part of the Holy Writings was ever made up by any man. 21 No part of the Holy Writings came long ago because of what man wanted to write. But holy men who belonged to God spoke what the Holy Spirit told them.

When the Lord invited Peter, James, and John to ascend a mountain with Him, their lives were forever changed by what they saw and heard. As Jesus was transfigured before them, they were stunned by a dazzling display of His glory: His face shone like the sun, His clothes became a brilliant white, and a bright cloud covered them all. Then they heard a voice out of the cloud saying, “This is My beloved Son … listen to Him!” (Six days later Jesus took with Him Peter and James and his brother John. He led them up to a high mountain by themselves. He was changed in looks before them. His face was as bright as the sun. His clothes looked as white as light. Moses and Elijah were seen talking with Jesus. Then Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, it is good for us to be here. If You will let us, we will build three altars here. One will be for You and one for Moses and one for Elijah.”While Peter was speaking, a bright cloud came over them. A voice from the cloud said, “This is My much-loved Son, I am very happy with Him. Listen to Him!” Matt. 17:1-5).

But years later, when Peter described this amazing experience in a letter to believers, he was able to say he knew there was something even greater—“the prophetic word made more sure” (And so we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts. 2 Peter 1:19). That’s why the message Peter received on the mountain is also the most important one for us: “Listen to Jesus.”

Today the Lord speaks to us through His Word. Although many people rely on their own experiences for guidance, the Bible is the authoritative voice of God—it’s a lamp shining in the darkness, showing us truth (Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105). Any message that doesn’t agree with Scripture is false. What a blessing to have such a sure standard! It deserves our attention above all else.

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