A prayer about guaranteed glory

Ephesians 1:13 – 14

Gracious Father, sometimes reading Paul’s letters is like standing in front of a gushing fire hydrant. It is hard to stand up to the rush of so much glory and grace. It is simply overwhelming.

For instance, as I read through Ephesians I am confronted with been loved before the foundation of the world, being chosen in Christ and called in life, being justified by faith and declared to be righteous, and being adopted by Abba, Father, betrothed to Jesus, and indwell by the Holy Spirit. I am shown that I have a completely forgiven past, a present stand in grace, and future of unimaginable wonder. You have given us staggering riches in Jesus.

But what really encourages me today is knowing that all of this is guaranteed. You have “sealed the deal” by the Holy Spirit. You have guaranteed our inheritance in Christ. You have given us a down payment, the firstfruits, the promise of a future beyond our wildest dreams and asking.

There is no possibility of “bait and switch” or “revoking the warranty.” Their are no factory recalls, no fine print are doublespeak, no possibility of bankruptcy or legal maneuverings. Nothing will sabotage or bring it to completion of the good work you have begun in us and in your entire cosmos!

Father, rip and grip our hearts with the gospel of your grace. Let us be up people who live to the praise of your glorious grace.

~ Scotty Smith, Everyday Prayers


God’s forgetfulness

Heavenly Father, what I heart-pounding joy it is to begin this day by remembering your forgetfulness. You promise never again to remember our sins and lawless acts against us. You will never again deal with us according to our sins or reward us according to our iniquities. For on the cross, you dealt with Jesus according to our sins and rewarded him according to our iniquities.

~ Scotty Smith

I need you today

I am a poor man in need of the Good News today, Jesus. I need you to proclaim freedom for my worn down, weary heart. I need you to open my eyes to see the gospel today as though I were seeing for the very first time.

~ Scotty Smith

True gospel living

Jesus, how I praise you or that life in the gospel is not a preoccupation with”Victorious Christian life” but a preoccupation with you, the victorious Christ! You are my loving Master, not my private masseuse, forgive me when my prayers reflect the greater commitment to my comfort then to your kingdom.

~ Scotty Smith

My anger

Help me to know when the anger I feel is nothing more than the responsible little boy not getting his way. Help me to know when the anger I swallow should be expressed appropriately, not swallowed. Help me to get angry in the face of injustice, that I might love redemptively in the face of evil. Help me to listen and seek to understand the emotion of anger in others and not to rush to judgment or rush out of their story too fast.

~ Scotty Smith

How I think about you

Lord Jesus, there is nothing that affects my life more than how I think about you. The more I see you everywhere in the Scriptures, the more I understand why you alone are worthy of our adoration, affection, and allegiance. I expect to say the same thing 10,000 years from now.

~ Scotty Smith

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