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In Defence of Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley and I are on different pages on a lot of things. We are on different pages when it comes to a number of things he said in his recent, and much-discussed, Sunday message on “The Bible Told Me So.” But in the flurry of responses that have been written, some by friends of mine, an important point of his is either being lost, or rejected as untrue. So I want to defend him.

In doing this I’m also defending myself. Two years ago, in my book Unbreakable (which is all about the inspiration and authority of Scripture), I argued, “I don’t trust in Jesus because I trust the Bible; I trust the Bible because I trust in Jesus.” That, in a nutshell, is how I would summarise what Andy is being criticised for saying, although it’s frequently a comment I make in teaching on the doctrine of Scripture or hermeneutics, and when I wrote it, it didn’t seem controversial. The reaction to Andy’s message has made me realise that it is.


Why Andy Stanley is Right About the Foundation of Christianity and How to Defend It