Live like you believe in God


Perhaps one of the most stimulating and deep thinkers in the world today is Jordan Peterson. These two video clips come from one of his most challenging full length videos ever. It is part of a playlist with two other videos on his belief in God. I embed the playlist at the end of this post.

When asked a question Peterson will often answer “I have spent years thinking about that”. Not for him a trite careless answer.

He is at the forefront of nothing less than a revolution of thinking which is appealing to many believers and non believers alike.

He has digested ancient philosophical and theological writings, as well as 20th century psycho-analytic thinkers, psychological research, and is a fierce critic of our inspid modern culture which seems intent on destroying itself.

It is no accident that after Neitche declared “God is dead” we had the most deadly century ever when man killed more other men than had ever been done before. The 20th century stands as a testimony of what man is capable of when he no longer believes in God.

Peterson says we should act as if we believe in God.

Read the rest:

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