20 Charles Spurgeon Quotes that Changed My Life

I recently received a gift from a dear friend of mine the Spurgeon Study Bible in the mail and have been going through it for devotional and I have been richly blessed by it.

I am grateful for the prince of preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon who changed the trajectory of history through his bold preaching and who forever changed the trajectory of my life through his faithful writing. I have even considered at one point to study PhD in Historical Theology with dissertation on Spurgeon.

I know, probably the immediate thought is, “Aren’t you worshipping Spurgeon rather than God’s Word?”

Yes, I am truly thankful for God’s Word and that is the source I turn to for daily help in my personal quiet time. However, there are certain Christians who have lived in the past because of their commitment to Christ and love for the Lord that compels me to follow Jesus with all cost. One of them is Charles Hadden Spurgeon. 

For those who haven’t read stories of Christians from the past, I encourage you to read and turn to materials that will cause you thirst for more and hunger for Jesus like those who have gone before us as a cloud of witness (Heb. 12:1).

Read them at: https://jonathanhayashi.com/20-charles-spurgeon-quotes-that-changed-my-life/

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