3 Things You Might Be Mistaking For Love

Hmm. This really supports an earlier blog that I wrote. We often mistake “like” (for which we benefit to “love” which impacts others.

~ Michael Kelley

I love my children. I love my wife. But then again, I also love hot dogs and a good steak. I love to go to the movies, and I love to read fiction when it’s raining. When you stop and think about it, it’s pretty astounding the number of contexts and amount of times we use the word “love.” Think about it yourself – how many times have you said that 4-letter word today alone?

I’m not arguing that we need to discontinue using the word. I am arguing, however, that the context in which we use it might show us what we really believe love is. And to go further, it’s likely, given our prolific use of the word, that we might have at best a misunderstanding and at worst a dilution of what “love” actually means.

What if we did that? What if we started to trace back the times and the objects of the word itself, and then based on that tracing alone, tried to compose a definition of love? What would we find? My guess is that we would find at least three things that we regularly mistake for love:



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