We are called to live in community

by Glenn Wagner

In the church we are called to live in community, where our actions (or inaction) impact the lives of everyone else. God calls us to lay down our individual preferences, no simply for the desires of the majority, but for the will of God. He calls us to respect and submit to the spiritual authority of the leaders he as placed in the church, as well as to submit to one another in the Lord. He calls us to . . .

  • forgive one another
  • love one another
  • serve one another
  • support one another
  • encourage one another
  • pray for one another
  • be of the same mind with one another
  • accept one another
  • bear with one another
  • greet one another
  • admonish one another

None of this can be done by our power or wisdom, and it certainly cannot be accomplished by employing worldly strategies. It is only as God energies every aspect of the life of the church that we see the wisdom of God revealed. When we allow him to be in charge, we discover what he had in mind.

Through the church—and only through the the church—God reveals his manifold wisdom and unsearchable riches of Christ. Therefore we must commit ourselves to be the church, to act as those who have entered into a new covenant of grace and thereby into a new relationship with one another. As we do, then God will reveal his plan through the church to us, to others, and even to angelic beings.

The Church You’ve Always Wanted, p. 43

God created the church to reflect his image

by pastor Glenn Wagner

I agree with those who doubt that the Great Commission is our starting point. In fact, I think when you make the Great Commission the starting point, you actually violate the heart of God. As John Piper has observed, “missions exists because worship doesn’t.” Missions is not the priority; worship is. One day missions will be no more, but worship is forever.

God created the church to reflect his image, to be a community that both invites and embraces everyone near it. Authentic community, real family, is enormously attractive, even contagious. There’s just something about it that people can’t resist! p. 242

~ Escape from Church, Inc.