It’s Hard To Understand The Bible And That’s Great. This Is Why

You might be embarrassed to admit it, but honestly, it’s hard to understand the Bible. If you hear someone saying otherwise, ask them about the last Bible passage they read. You will be lucky if you get anything besides an excuse.

It’s hard to read and understand the Bible so most people ignore it. Why would you spend your time reading a book you don’t understand? As a result, the Bible is like any other classic, very popular, widely quoted but rarely studied and often misunderstood.

It’s hard to admit to your friends and family that you don’t read your Bible. You don’t want them to know that you find reading the Bible boring and unnecessarily complicated. The phrases seem dated, the metaphors incomprehensible, and the history irrelevant.

It’s hard to confess to your home group that you don’t understand the Bible. After all,  the Bible is God’s word and in it there’s eternal life. But how does it fit in today? New Testament books were written more than 2000 years ago and some of the Old Testament about about 3,500 years ago. Can text that old relate to a person in the 21st Century?

In this article, I would like to show you that the fact that the Bible is hard to understand is a demonstration of God’s ultimate love for us.

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from Chronicles of the kid next door by Vasanganyado


Thy Will Be Done

Today, I do not feel like writing anything. I am disappointed with myself and I am under heavy stress at school. With two conference abstracts due today and my experiments botched, I am confused. Frankly, I do not know what to do.

Oh God, please help me.

I am an international grad student at a university in southern California. Due to conflicts in educational systems between Zimbabwe and the US, the first two years of my study were wasted trying to cover some prerequisite courses. The whole of my second year was a giant flop, as I chased after the winds attempting an experiment that did not work. Imagine my frustration when an experiment I did for the past six months also failed.

I do not know what to do anymore. I am confused and almost hopeless. To make matters worse, unlike other grad student who have supportive mentors, I am doomed with a boss who is convinced I am the worst student he ever had. Considering none of my setbacks can be attributed to my shortcomings, it is quite easy to believe God set me up for failure. But, is that true?

A few days ago, I started daily musing on the Lord’s Prayer. I decided to log my thoughts on this blog. The first three days were amazing, I learned a bunch on knowing God as my Father and King. Yesterday, I woke up bubbling with joy as I meditated on the reality of God as my Father and the King. I could not stop praising God.

By the end of the day, things began taking an unceremonious turn. After working in the lab for several hours, I began writing my two abstracts. One of the abstracts required data from the experiment I have done the past six months. After punching numbers for several hours until early this morning, I realized my experiment was botched and my six months of work had gone down the drain. Today, I had committed myself to ponder on thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Touché.

How Does Knowing God’s Will Transforms Prayer?

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Frankly, I don’t know what I want

The greatest deception of democracy is people know exactly what they desire and what is right for them. Nevertheless, an honest look at our past mistakes exposes this fallacy. Most of the times, we do not know what is good for us.

When I was a kid, I cried to go out play in the rain. I did not know I could catch a cold. I am much older now and wiser, I no longer wish to play in the rain, and instead I bought a Moto X phone. Now, I am neck deep in debt.

Thither is a Shona proverb, every self-proclaimed excellent parent never had a kid. Before I got married, I thought I was the world’s greatest husband. Then I got married, all the stuff I thought makes a great husband fell apart. In short, I did not know what being a husband meant.

The Lord’s Prayer is a sobering awakening to the reality that we do not know as much as we believe we do. Jesus revealed God as our Father and invited us to hallow His name. Christ taught we should ask first for the advent of the kingdom of God and not a new Moto X phone. Getting the priority right, will transform our prayer life.

How does seeking the kingdom of God transforms the prayer life?

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