John Stott – One of the Most Neglected Themes in the Bible

The four great sections of the Bible give us the same call: “Do not be like them.”
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John Stott: One of the Most Neglected Themes in the Bible

Whole life discipleship

It does cost, but . . .

It does cost

The Christian life is not a private affair

The Christian life is not just our own private affair. If we have been born again into God’s family, not only has he become our Father but every other Christian believer in the world, whatever his nation or denomination, has become our brother or sister in Christ.

But it is no good supposing that membership of the universal Church of Christ is enough; we must belong to some local branch of it. … Every Christian’s place is in a local church. … sharing in its worship, its fellowship, and its witness.

~ John Stott, Basic Christianity

The Christian leads

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The cross of Christ

The reason why many people give the wrong answers to questions about the cross, and even ask the wrong questions, is that they have carefully considered neither the seriousness of sin nor the majesty of God.

~ John Stott, The Cross of Christ

The greatest of enemies

“The persecution of the true church, of Christian believers who trace their spiritual descent from Abraham, is not always by the world, who are strangers unrelated to us, but by our half-brothers, religious people, the nominal church.  It has always been so.  The Lord Jesus was bitterly opposed, rejected, mocked and condemned by his own nation.  The fiercest opponents of the apostle Paul, who dogged his footsteps and stirred up strife against him, were the official church, the Jews.  The monolithic structure of the medieval papacy persecuted all Protestant minorities with ruthless, unremitting ferocity.  And the greatest enemies of the evangelical faith today are not unbelievers, who when they hear the gospel often embrace it, but the church, the establishment, the hierarchy.  Isaac is always mocked and persecuted by Ishmael.”

~ John. R. W. Stott, The Message of Galatians (London, 1968), page 127.

Fundamental Christianity

Fundamental to New Testament Christianity is this concept of the union of God’s people with Christ. What constitutes the distinctness of the members of God’s new society? Not just that they admire and even worship Jesus, not just that they assent to the dogmas of the church, not even that they live by certain moral standards. No, what makes them distinctive is their new solidarity as a people who are ‘in Christ’. By virtue of their union with Christ they have actually shared in his resurrection, ascension and session.

~ John Stott

The essence of sin . . .

 is man substituting himself for God, while the essence of salvation is God substituting himself or man.

~ John Stott

The church is at the center of the purpose of God

by  John Stott

The church lies at the very center of the eternal purpose of God. It is not a divine afterthought. It is not an accident of history. On the contrary, the church is God’s new community. For his purpose, conceived in the past eternity, being worked out in history, and to be perfected in a future eternity, is not just to save isolated individual and so perpetuate our loneliness, but rather to build his church, that is, to call out of the world a people for his own glory.

~ The Living Church, p. 19-2