Life-Changing Sentences: D.A. Carson on Genuine Worship


D.A. Carson – What Do We Mean When We Confess Jesus To Be The Son of God?

To approach the Bible correctly is important

by D. A. Carson

To approach the Bible correctly it is important to know something of the God who stands behind it. God is both transcendent (i.e., he is “above” space and time) and personal. He is the sovereign and all-powerful Creator to whom the entire universe owes its existence, yet he is the God who graciously condescends to interact with human beings whom he has himself formed in his own image.

Because we are locked in time and space, God meets us here; he is the personal God who interacts with other persons, persons he has made to glorify him and to enjoy him forever. . . .

The point to emphasize is that a genuinely Christian understanding of the Bible presupposes the God of the Bible, a God who makes himself known in a wide diversity of ways so that human beings may know the purpose for which they were made — to know and love and worship God, and so delight in that relationship that God is glorified while they receive the matchless benefit of becoming all that God wants them to be.

“Approaching the Bible,” Collected Writings on Scripture, (Wheaton: Crossway, 2010), 19–21.

How to Grow a Gospel Shaped Church

The Gospel Is….

from In Christ Jesus

This is helpful in distinguishing between what the gospel is versus what the gospel does. Also, around 7:30, Carson says some things that every pastor/preacher/teacher should pay careful attention to, namely, that people don’t learn everything that is taught, but what they do learn is what the teacher/preacher/pastor is excited about. Thus, if one is excited about entailments of the gospel and not the gospel per se, then that moves people further from it and risks exchanging what is peripheral for what is central.

Listen to DA Carson:

Is your joy in Jesus – it will show

by D.A. Carson

Make sure that in your own practice and excitement, what you talk about, what you think about, what you pray over, what you exude confidence over, joy over, what you are enthusiastic about is Jesus, the gospel, the cross. And out of that framework, by all means, let the transformed life flow.

8 Lessons From The School Of Prayer

from TGC by Don Carson

Throughout my spiritual pilgrimage, two sources have largely shaped, and continue to shape, my own prayer life: the Scriptures and more mature Christians.

The less authoritative of these two has been the advice, wisdom, and example of senior saints. I confess I am not a very good student in the school of prayer. Still, devoting [space] to their advice and values may be worthwhile before I turn to the more important and more authoritative of the two sources that have taught me to pray.

Among the lessons more mature Christians have taught me, then, are these.

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