Francis Chan: There’s no Such Thing as a Lukewarm Christian


Francis Chan: There’s no Such Thing as a Lukewarm Christian

Lukewarm Chan

Every week, millions of Americans line the pews of churches, hearing messages of hope, encouragement, and exhortation to go out and make disciples. Ideally, we spend the rest of the week making connections with others, sharing our lives and the gospel with those who need it. But what if we are missing a segment of people who need saving—inside the church?

What a tragedy it would be to see those who think they are Christians ultimately spit from the mouth of God at the end of days.

In this short video from Kingdom Warriors, Francis Chan is posed with the question: Are lukewarm Christians saved? He speaks humbly but challenges us to look at what the Bible says about those who are lukewarm in their faith, and calls them out as unbelievers.

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4 Reasons We Must Be Different Than The World

– Francis Chan


Salt that stays in the shaker never makes a difference, but salt that gets out of the shaker and into the world will enhance the flavor of life for those around them, but this same salt will also sting those who are infected with sin (as we once were). Even a paper cut with salt on it stings like crazy, but salt is also a preservative, and in ancient times (and today), it acted as a preservative agent, so we have the preserving message of the gospel which brings eternal life to those who receive it. If we remain in the salt shaker, we’re no different from the world, and that’s a sign that something’s very wrong.

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3 Extreme ways to help others

“I believe He wants us to love others so much that we go to extremes to help them.”

– Francis Chan


Years ago, I remember hearing a pastor saying, “Never resist a generous impulse.” On one occasion he was standing behind a single mother of 3 and she was in tears while searching for enough change to pay her grocery bill, so the pastor had a generous impulse. He handed the cashier a twenty dollar bill, and the woman looked at him and said, “Thank you” while tears were streaming down her face. God wants us to love others in such an extreme way that we make a difference in the world.


What does a radical love look like? How about this; Christ died for the weak and ungodly (us) (Rom 5:6), Christ died for the unrighteous (us) (Rom 5:7), Christ died for sinners (us) Rom 5:8), and Christ died for the enemies of God (us) (Rom 5:10), so helping others should not depend on their goodness, but upon the goodness of God.

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Francis Chan—Rethinking Church

Chan’s ideas are challenging – and not for everyone, but worth listening to

Francis Chan: Stop Idolizing Your Family

True discipleship