A Passage To Ponder: John 17

Have you ever heard someone pray whose passion, feeling, and fervor were so intense that their sincere petitions brought you closer to God than you’d ever felt before?

Such is the prayer of Jesus in John 17 that some writers have called this chapter “The Holy of Holies of John’s Gospel.” It’s the longest recorded prayer of Jesus in the Bible.

In John 17 we gain deeper insight into Jesus’ relationship with the Father and His thoughts and emotions in the shadow of the cross.

If there ever was a Bible-based three-point sermon, John 17 naturally provides it. Jesus prays for Himself, for the disciples and for all future disciples.

Jesus Prayed For Himself (1-5).

No less than eight times in John’s gospel Jesus speaks of “the hour.” Now the hour has come. The betrayer is coming. The disciples will soon run in fear like scalded dogs. And the cross is in sight.

Some today have incorrectly concluded that the cross thwarted God’s plan. That Jesus’ death put the Divine purpose on hold until some future time. Not so. The cross was not the suspension of God’s plan, but the consummation of it.

Jesus said, “I have finished the work,” and “I have glorified you.” Jesus’ ministry had ended. His mission was about to be fulfilled in His sacrifice for our sins.

Five times in five verses Jesus refers to His purpose in life as glorifying God. He came “to do the will of the Father.” He possessed divine glory before the world was as Deity. He glorified God in His lifework. Even His death. in the supposed shame of the cross, would result in glory. And He would return to glory.

Jesus Prayed For His Disciples (6-19).

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