The Need for Salvation

Ephesians 2:1-3 At one time you were dead because of your sins. You followed the sinful ways of the world and obeyed the leader of the power of darkness. He is the devil who is now working in the people who do not obey God. At one time all of us lived to please our old selves. We gave in to what our bodies and minds wanted. We were sinful from birth like all other people and would suffer from the anger of God.

Followers of Christ know the importance of being saved, but the world sees no need for rescue. The truth is that those who don’t have a personal relationship with God the Father through His Son Jesus are …

Spiritually dead. Spiritual death first occurred in the garden of Eden. Disobedience severed Adam and Eve’s connection to God and caused all of their descendants—including us—to be separated from Him (This is what happened: Sin came into the world by one man, Adam. Sin brought death with it. Death spread to all men because all have sinned. Rom. 5:12). What this means is that we are born as “dead” people in need of new life. Unfortunately, those who have refused Jesus as Savior at the end of the age will experience another death when they’re cast away from God (“Then the King will say to those on His left side, ‘Go away from Me! You are guilty! Go into the fire that lasts forever. It has been made ready for the devil and his angels. Matt. 25:41; Then death and hell were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death. Revelation 20:14).

Living a life of sin. Our nature is to rebel against God, and that is called sin. Over and over we choose what pleases us, not Him, and any efforts we make to free ourselves from sin are in vain (Jesus answered them, “For sure, I tell you, everyone who sins is the servant of sin because sin has a hold on him. John 8:34).

Under divine wrath. Sinful man has nothing acceptable to offer holy God; there is no way to earn His approval and escape punishment.

Though our sins deserve His wrath, God made a way for us to escape it. Tomorrow we’ll read about the Savior He sent to take the penalty in our place (Now that we have been saved from the punishment of sin by the blood of Christ, He will save us from God’s anger also. Rom. 5:9).

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