Are You A Practical Universalist?

“One of Satan’s great deceptions is convincing lost people they are not lost. A second deception is convincing Christians that lost people are not truly lost,” wrote cultural apologist and author, Jim Denison, in a recent post on his web page the Denison Forum.

Universalism is a philosophical and theological doctrine that basically believes and teaches that everyone will be saved and spend eternity with God in heaven, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

In 2018 Michael McClymond wrote a book entitled The Devil’s Redemption: A New History and Interpretation of Christian Universalism in which he denounced the rising popularity of a doctrine that Biblical fundamentalists and conservatives have rejected for most of church history.

In a 2019 book review, Christianity Today interviewed McClymond and entitled their article How Universalism, ‘the Opiate of the Theologians,’ Went Mainstream.

In the interview, McClymond offers this assessment:

“Universalism isn’t just a theological mistake. It’s also a symptom of deeper problems. In a culture characterized by moralistic therapeutic deism, universalism fits the age we inhabit. As I argue in the book, universalism is the opiate of the theologians. It’s the way we would want the world to be. Some imagine that a more loving and less judgmental church would be better positioned to win new adherents.”


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