How to Recognize and Defeat 5 Lies the Enemy Wants You to Believe

Louie GiglioPassion, City Church

The battle is real. The Enemy is constantly on the prowl looking for ways to fill your mind with subtle lies in order to gain access at the table of fellowship God has prepared for you. It’s a table described famously in Psalm 23 intended only for the Lord and you to dine. But this table isn’t set in a beautiful, peaceful meadow. No, as verse five states, it’s a table placed in the presence of your enemies. They see you seated there with the King of the Universe, and they want a piece of the action. The Enemy will do anything to slide into a seat and begin to tell you lies that will make you doubt your rightful place at the table, or try to convince you that there are better options elsewhere. But, when the Devil is whispering lies in your ear, you need to know Jesus is there with you in the midst of the temptation and pressure. He’s there to rescue you when necessary, to protect you at all costs, and to fill your cups to over-flowing.

With all of his conniving and deceiving, it can be hard to recognize the Enemy’s voice for what it is. It’s important to be able to spot the enemy’s lies—not so you can focus on the lies, but so you can avoid them and fix your gaze back toward the Good Shepherd. While there are seemingly countless lies the Enemy can tell you I’ve found that most of them fall into five broader categories. And if you are able to spot them as they’re coming your direction, you can overcome them and win the battle for your mind with truth in Jesus’ name.

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