God’s Power over the Works of the Devil in Our Life

By Frank King on Dec 05, 2020 05:13 pm

The Bible refers to the devil as our adversary who goes about seeking whom he may devour. If God were to open our eyes so we could see the evil at work in the spiritual realm, it would blow our mind.

Of course, all of us who can see with our eyes can see the powers of darkness at work in our world to some degree.  But what we can see only scratches the surface compared to what is really happening in the spiritual realm.

To some, it may even appear that the devil and the powers of darkness are having their way in our world. But I want you to know that is not the case. The devil has some liberty to be the devil, and he will maximize the use of that liberty, but God has placed limits on what the devil can do in our life.

In this post, I will touch on three Bible verses that underscore God’s power over the works of the devil to limit what he can do in our life.

Three Verses That Underscore God’s Power over the Works of the Devil

1. ‘Then the Lord said to Satan, “Behold, all that he has is in your power, only do not put forth your hand on him.” So Satan departed from the presence of the Lord’ (Job 1:12, NASB).

God gave the devil permission to attack Job’s possessions. This was in response to the devil’s claim that if God touched everything Job had, “he will surely curse You to Your face” (verse 11). God responded by removing His hedge of protection from about Job and allowing the devil to touch Job’s possessions but not his body.

The devil immediately went to work. Job lost all that he had, but the devil did not touch Job’s body because he could only do what God had allowed Him to.

In a second instance, God allowed Satan to attack Job’s body but not take his life (Job 2:6). Again, Satan could only do to God’s servant what God allowed him to. That is true about us as well.

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