Your Redeemer is neither satisfied nor finished

If you are not fully formed into the image of Jesus, your Redeemer is neither satisfied nor finished, and neither should you be. We don’t talk about it much. It doesn’t find its way into our theological outlines. It’s not the typical way we think about our Redeemer. Yet it is an observation that not only gives you hope, but defines for you what your Lord is doing right here, right now. Here it is—you serve a dissatisfied Redeemer. You ought to be very thankful that your Lord isn’t easily satisfied. He does not do his work poorly or incompletely. He does not walk away from what he has begun until it is perfectly finished. He does not grow bored, tired, discouraged, or distracted. He does not have a short attention span. He does not suffer from redemptive attention deficit disorder. He never grows impatient. He isn’t irritated by how long his work is taking. He never wishes that he hadn’t begun in the first place. He never tries to rush what takes time. He never uses his power to turn what must be a process into an event. He never wonders if it’s worth it and contemplates calling it all off.

Paul David Tripp,. New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional . Crossway. Kindle Edition.

One Response

  1. I like the way this conversation is framed as in the patience of an artist or sculptor as a work on process without shame yet very purposeful and filled with the knowledge that ahead is a magnificent work. His work. Us.

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