8 Reasons We Need to Watch for “Glimpses” of God’s Glory Each Day

Moses asked God to let him see His glory (Exo 33:8). Our situation is different from Moses’, of course, but I think it’s important we daily ask God to help us see a glimpse of who He is and what He’s doing. Here’s why:

  1. We’ll read the Word with more expectancy. We’ll go to the Scriptures wanting to know God and His ways better. We’ll want to see His hand.
  2. We won’t get distracted and discouraged by the tough times of ministry. When we’re seeing only the troubles, we might well miss little things God is doing around us. We need to watch for them every day.
  3. Especially in these chaotic days, we need reminders of hope. We’ve been consumed with day-to-day changes during COVID, and it’s been exhausting. Just a glimpse or two of God’s glory can revive our tired spirits.
  4. We’ll approach the day differently if we start out watching for even the “little” things God’s doing. We won’t start the day with a negative heart; we’ll instead start it with a hopeful one.

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