I Am Balaam’s Donkey

I know it’s childish but I love reading about donkeys in the Bible. It can’t be just any Bible, it has to be the King James Bible. Unless you considered soap a food group, the only time you could say the word “ass” when I was growing up was when you read it in the Bible. To this day, it doesn’t matter which version I read, every time the word donkey comes up I laugh under my breath because I know that the real Bible translation says ass. When my kids got older I would often tell them to, “Stop acting like a King James donkey” if they were getting on my nerves. I am Balaam’s Donkey – did you just smirk, maybe even laugh? You can’t help thinking, “Dave is admitting that he is a King James Donkey.”

As a pastor used by God to present messages in a public forum, I need to be careful.

I would like to believe that I am humble. I am not sure if the fact that I like to believe I am humble actually makes me arrogant. I am not even sure where the boundary is placed between honest assessment of my giftings and puffed up arrogance. My natural response is to try to downplay my abilities when complimented after a sermon or leading worship. This often leads to an awkward silence as the person who was touched by my presentation is left wondering what to say next and I am left wondering if I came off even more arrogant by denying that I had done well. Then I remind myself that God can speak through a donkey – I am Balaam’s donkey.

Read the rest: https://live4him.ca/2020/07/16/i-am-balaams-donkey/

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