Learning How to Meditate

Joel Beeke


Perhaps nowhere are the Puritans so helpful as in offering guidelines for the process of spiritual, biblical meditation. Here’s an outline of their method.

First, ask the Holy Spirit for assistance. Pray for the power to harness your mind and to focus the eyes of faith on this task. As Edmund Calamy wrote,

“I would have you pray unto God to enlighten your understandings, to quicken your devotion, to warm your affections, and so to bless that hour unto you, that by the meditation of holy things you may be made more holy, you may have your lusts more mortified, and your graces more increased, you may be the more mortified to the world, and the vanity of it, and lifted up to Heaven, and the things of Heaven.”[1]

Next, read the Scriptures, then select a verse or doctrine upon which to meditate. It may be best to pick out relatively easy subjects to meditate on at the beginning. For example, begin with the attributes of God rather than the doctrine of the Trinity. Also, consider subjects one at a time.


Read more: https://www.reformation21.org/blog/learning-how-to-meditate

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