My son walks around in a Jedi robe nearly 24 hours a day, and at any moment a lightsaber fight is likely to break out among my four children. Even as I type, I look on the table beside me and see a half-completed puzzle of Storm Troopers, Chewie, and Han Solo. The quarantine has provided an excuse to go back and rewatch Star Wars and it seems to be the theme of our house.

I didn’t watch Star Wars until a year ago. I was afraid that all the hype would lead to a big letdown. However, when I finally watched it I found that I enjoyed it very much. There are many interesting stories and characters, but there was one character that particularly captivated me: Anakin Skywalker.

I assume many of you know the story, but I’ll provide a brief recap in case you don’t (spoiler alert). At first, Anakin was a Jedi (good guy) who possessed a natural gift in the ways of the force. His talent was noticed even as a young boy and he received the proper training to develop his gifts. However, through a series of life events, he devoted himself to the dark side and become one of the most popular antagonist in movie history, Darth Vader. His talent grew faster than his character and it eventually caused his destruction.

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