Biblical Inspiration for You to Love the Word of God

By Frank King 

Animated clock holding up a copy of the Word of God

In my personal Bible study, I am currently studying the book of Psalms. One of my favorite psalms is Psalm 119, which also happens to be the longest of the psalms. In it, the psalmist talks about his love for the Word of God.

Actually, the writer of Psalm 119 does not reveal himself. It’s probably assumed by most Christians that David is the author of Psalm 119. One, because many believe David wrote the entire book of Psalms which he did not. Two, because the psalmist seems to love God as David did.

I believe that if anyone needs some inspiration to love the Word of God, she will find serious encouragement in Psalm 119.

But can we love the Word of God in this twenty-first century as the psalmist did in his day? This I ask because the Bible is in such great supply these days. It seems to me that the Bible and the Word of God in other platforms such as preaching, streaming and podcasting are so readily available to us that many may fail to value the Word of God like they should.

Four Reasons You Should Love the Word of God

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