6 Reasons Christians Should Be Readers

It’s been a long day. You’ve completed your daily tasks at work, ate your dinner, enjoyed time with your family and put the kids to bed. Now, it’s your “me time.” What should you do? Find a new series on Netflix? Play a new video game?

Imagine sitting in a crowded waiting room at the doctor’s office. Judging by your past experience and the number of people waiting to be seen, you know you’re going to be there a while. Almost naturally, you pull out your phone and peruse social media to help the time pass.

May I suggest another option for these situations and many like them we often face? Instead of turning to your TV or phone first, perhaps use that time to read.

For many, the mere thought of reading illicits the same response as nails scratching a chalkboard. While it might seem like a long lost art, the value of reading has been recognized all throughout human history. I believe there should be more emphasis on reading in our society as a whole, but specifically for Christians.

Here are 6 reasons Christians should be readers:


Find more out at: https://growingingrace.blog/2019/07/21/6-reasons-christians-should-be-readers/

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