Five Ways to Cultivate a Culture of Discipleship

American churches are in crisis.

Nearly four thousand churches close every year in North America. Ed Stetzer estimates that 70% to 80% of all evangelical churches in the US have either stopped growing or are in decline! We are in a crisis of discipleship.

I believe with all my heart; a return to biblical disciple making will reenact the 21st century reformation. If disciple making is our focus then it ought to be one of our highest priories in every leadership pipeline of the church.

By empowering the people of God of any color, any race, any background, any creed, any socio-economic status, with the Spirit of God by be wielding the Word of God for the ministry of God and for the glory of God will change the world.

Here are five practical reason why we must cultivate a culture of discipleship.


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