Slow Down to Meet God

In our fast-paced world, where every second is filled by something, is it any wonder we don’t have time to hear the voice of God?

In the hurry to get tasks done, we neglect the glorious calling to direct our gaze heavenwards.

Even the ‘quiet time’ can degenerate into one more task to tick off our list, rather than a time to linger in God’s presence, and hear him in his Word.

On a diet of tweets and soundbites we lose the sublime that cannot be expressed in words.

When life feels meaningless, merely running on a wearisome treadmill, we must hear God’s call to come aside and rest a while.

We are trapped in a superficial merry-go-round which never satisfies our deepest longings.

“When the ocean of life is experienced mainly on the surface, or focus will be on foam and splash. If we live at depth, we are centred in our undercurrent, or soul. This current is strong enough enough to keep flowing in its chosen direction – sometimes against the prevailing tide . . . a rich inner life as the basis for all that we say and do . . .

In attitude and in behaviour, people in contemporary Western society tend to be one-sidedly extrovert: mind and body and senses intoxicated way the ‘busy dance of things that pass away’ (Wordsworth) . . . never shaking our thirst for more and more stimulus.” (Robin Daniels, The Virgin Eye, page 27-28)

What are we called to replace this yearning with?

Dare I say it, many Christians still have a God-shaped hole in our lives.

There is a Voice that demands to be heard above the competing crowd. There is Someone who commands we listen to Him over everyone else.

Who or what do we really worship?


Worship is not just about singing songs, although that is clearly a part of it.  It is much more about who we serve. We worship our master, who determines and directs our lives.

If you worship Money, it means you serve it and allow its dictates to determine all your decisions.  If you worship God, you make him your Lord and follow him in every aspect of your life.

Worship is not theoretical.

It is not merely declaring one day that you believe in Jesus and are born again. It is learning to truly love Jesus:


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