10 Questions I Wonder If Churches Ever Ask . . .

~ Chuck Lawless

I’m just thinking aloud here today as I wonder if many churches in North America ever ask these questions:

  1. Why have we not done anything about years of decline? I don’t understand why nobody speaks up about this problem. Too many churches sleep themselves into death.
  2. Are we reaching any non-believers? Even growing churches—including young church plants—often fail to ask this question. Transfer growth, though, will never reach the world.
  3. If we weren’t here, would our community miss our church? The only way to answer this question is to ask the community if they even know you exist. You might be surprised by their answer.

The rest is at: http://chucklawless.com/2018/02/10-questions-i-wonder-if-churches-ever-ask/

One Response

  1. The first question should be: Is the leadership (pastor, etc.) truly born again and are they spending time in prayer– real deep quality prayer time for God;s wisdom and guidance–for the congregation – for one another? No man is greater than his prayer life– and no follower of Christ truly allows Him to lead if prayer is an afterthought.

    The second question I would ask is: Are church programs and missions and outreach really focused on Jesus Christ and do they bring Him glory? Or are a lot of programs and activities simply creating Christian busyness?

    Your post is very good Chuck– I never want to lose sight of Soli Deo Gloria!

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