Aren’t Christians Supposed To Follow Christ?

I was recently in a conversation with a person from the community. “It seems like you Christians know a lot, but where are  your actions? What are you doing in the community? How does what you’re say you believe relate to how Jesus lived?”

Sadly, this man was right spot-on. Christians do talk a whole lot and really don’t walk the talk well. We know a whole lot, but we don’t do much at all. Christians sadly are known more for their hate speech, being argumentative, stingy and ignorant. In fact, I was labeled that just last week from an unbeliever.

I walk in churches and it sure does NOT seem like a whole of Christ-like people. I wonder what are the thoughts of a lost person when entering in a church? Would unbelievers look to professing Christians and be reminded of Jesus?

Mahatma Gandhi a Hindu believer said it once, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

What we need is a radical rediscovery of biblically definition of what a Christian is. As J .D. Gear said it well,

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