Have We Become Too Dependent on Songs?

The problem with worship songs is that we become dependent on them.

But I love songs. I really do. But they are a blessing and a curse. While worship is a song, it’s not only a song. And we can become so accustomed to songs that our hearts have forgotten how to worship.

When was the last time you were alone in a room without an incredible song, and just poured your heart out to God?

Have songs become more than they should be?

Preparation for Sunday morning becomes scouring CCLI for the top songs and picking our favorites. There’s no need to pray. There’s no need to consider our people. There’s no need for pastoral, theological consideration.

Instead of only picking songs, we should be asking these questions:



One Response

  1. I like this. I love singing. I love music, but it is only one part of worship. It is my heart that needs to lift up to him; it is my mind that needs to center on his greatness. I have often wished we could have longer stretches of silent contemplation in our worship, but I know that it’s hard in our ever-stimulated world to effectively be still.

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