I remember my first time when I had a broken bone.

My first broken bone was my arm. In 6th grade, after climbing on a monkey bar attempting to be an Olympic athlete.

I jumped off the edge, wasn’t able to reach as I lost my balance and I slipped right off my finger tips from the bar and straight to the ground. As I was lying there I almost passed out because of the pain, I finally got up to bring myself up and I fell on the ground again. I attempted once more, same result. I looked at my arm and realized I broke my bone! My arm was in ninety-degree angle broken!

I finally gathered up myself and went to see the nurse at the nurses’ office at my middle school. “Excuse me ma’am, I believe I broke my bone.” the response, “Well, I’m so sorry about that. Go ahead and lay down on the bed.” I don’t think she understood me. As I tried to explain once again, she shut me off and said, “Go to the bed right now Mr.!” I had no choice.

30 mins later, I woke up and approached the nurse with my arm that looked like a softball inside of it as it gotten worst and she immediately called my mother and we went to go see the doctor! I look back and I think, “Man, I could have sued that woman!”


Few lessons I’ve learned;